Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Task

Me and Don are here at Paul's house, along with four Ozzie pilots and two Seattlites. Great weather and great task today, although I had a tough time with it. Made three turnpoints out of five. I flew for two and a half hours, and made three incredibly low saves down by the LZ between turnpoints. The leaders made goal in about 45 minutes. Hmmm. I definitely have a lot to learn. But it was nice to get tons of serious thermal flying in. Conditions were kind of ratty and rough but everyone else seemed to be handling it without complaint, so I forced myself to stay in the game as long as I could. Which was actually pretty long, although I wasn't making much progress along the course. Whew. Let's see what tomorrow brings. They say the weather is supposed to be good all week - I should pace myself better.

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