Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Real Thermals

Today was an amazing day graced with perfect thermals, straight out of the textbook. They had promised another day like the last two, but thankfully the whimsical weather gods decided to throw us a bone. We didn't get a lot higher than the previous days but the thermals were working nicely all around the valley, and you could really crank it up smoothly and ride them up quite a while, staring across at whoever might be turning with you. I made all the turnpoints before goal today but I was really too low at the last one to get back up and shoot the last long leg to goal. Nick made it though - he flew the whole course even though he's not entered in the race. He is surely the real state champion. I guess I'll have to settle for vice champion. In the evening we went with local pilot Paul to see one of my favorite bands, Wilco, at a really nice outdoor venue.

A lot of Rat Race pilots here remember Bob fondly from the three competitions he was in over the last few years, and they all send their love and sympathy. He sure made a big impression on everyone that met him. I am focusing on the flying right now, but I can't keep all the great memories of my big friend from swirling around in my head at every spare moment.

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